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Seba – Planetary Funk Alert

Verse 1 I know you love the vibe that we’re giving We’re forever pushing the vibe within Baby would you cry for the rhythm Let fly with the rhythm We’re pushing the vibe within you Because the music’s touching me baby I’m touching you We keep pushing the vibe within I know you love the […]

Seba – Nightwalker

The legends tell us that when day becomes night The forest spirit turns into the Nightwalker At sunrise, it changes back Look! Are you there? It’s happening

Seba feat Krister Linder – Blaze And Fade Out

Our lives are fast forward, Slow motion rewinds, Our hearts are wide open, We’re slidin’ through time In favorite glimpses, Low frequency highs, We’re next to the speakers, And open skies You’re radiant and your cool, And warm like a sunflower, The sun reflects on your skin, And glistens in your hair, Your destiny becomes […]

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