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Roni Size & Reprazent – Staircase

I dont need nobody The word is out but you know I never heard it from you From you from you Reveal your intention You boys must have felt a freak Pretend you understand but you wouldn’t recommend That I don’t need nobody Body like you like you like you Insignificant I chose to come […]

Tali & Roni Size – Blazin

Blaze, blaze, blaze, … Blazin’ my lyrical straight through your mind and soul, this is how I like my beats to roll. Tali’s coming in to buzz up the place. You’d better run if you don’t wanna roll with ma bass. Blazin’ my lyrical straight through your mind and soul, this is how I like […]

Roni Size feat. Beverly Knight – No More

[Intro – Bev Knight] Noooooo, no, (no, no, no, no) gotta here me (here me, here me) here me, yeah, uh, uh, oh, no, [Verse 1] what is going on, you know you surrender to ways that’ll end ya before you have begun, Mr ‘wanna be player’ who rules with the terror of bottles knives […]

Roni Size – Lucky Pressure

Get what you want. I feel so tired Lucky Pressure See a little owe that you can buy Lucky Pressure I’ll race with you but i’m tired Lucky Pressure They were ahead but they got lost. Lucky Pressure Give what you want, I feel so tired Lucky Pressure See what you want and you still […]

Roni Size – Enter The Center Of The Storm

Storm, storm, storm, storm, storm Blast this vision I sketch a warcrime can’t rest Across frequencies east to west-style Our adrenaline Let’s tap the vein-made line resistance, meditate maintain All the settled matter of cops scatter our blood loss So matter of fact, no love lost See me clock the steely lock, of mussolini’s illogical, […]

Roni Size – Dirty Beats

Chorus: Coming down new sound you should be thankful Dirty riffs Dirty beats Dirty samples sell out show take the money then we cancel frontrows-backrows getting trampled What, before we just left the scene alone Got some front page headline and rap&mic zone Are you mad? I think you have trouble understanding What it takes […]

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