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Total Science & S.P.Y feat. Riya – Piano Funk

You’re gonna feel a little low When the road that you’re on don’t go to where you want And everybody wants to tell you what to do But it don’t count, no it don’t Because everybody has dreams And you got to believe in yours Reach for the stars It’s the words I hold that […]

Total Science – See Your Face feat. Riya

No…don’t go. If I can make you stay, tell me so. Don’t leave me. ‘Cause I can’t face this life of misery. You see… You say you cannot live a lie, Or give me all the ‘usual’ lines… Not what it used to be… You’re not in love with me. I gotta let you go… […]

Total Science feat. Riya – Redlines

These distances I have to go, Cuz your illusion dust is all I know… The redlines I cross as I move through you, Just to know you believe in me Break down the bars, it clouds the heart, I bleed consequence I don’t know who you are, Cuz everything you said I never see, Want […]

S.P.Y. & Total Science – Testimony (feat. Riya)

From the first time I ever laid my eyes on you, right, then I…. Knew life wouldn’t be the same for every minute without you… For all the things unspoken and all, the days I’m blue You lift me with your smile you see that’s all you need to do… What do you want in […]

Marcus Intalex feat Riya – Regrets

First steps Repetitive movement, underneath my surface Deep down are layers of pain I keep on hurting Once more, everybody moves, I am stil frozen No beginning or end Flashbacks Memories flow Of you getting old again I didn’t say All of the things I know I should have said And I start to wonder […]

Lenzman ft. Riya – How Did I Let U Go

They say you shouldn’t make promises you’ll break, But I’ve been making them to you almost every day, And when you saw that, I might never change, Well it’s no wonder babe that you had to walk away. How did I let you go? (I’m trying to understand) How did I let you go? (How […]

Lenzman – Open Page (ft. Riya)

We’re in this thing together Neither one of us pretends Naturally progressing And we’ll be here till the end Afraid of what I feel and see But doing what just comes to me That was then, and this is now We’re gonna get through this, somehow I can’t just turn pages over baby I don’t […]

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