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Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix)

I called you from the hotel phone I haven’t dialled this code before I’m sleeping later and waking later I’m eating less and thinking more And how am I without you? Am I more myself or less myself? I feel younger, louder Like I don’t always connect Like I don’t ever connect (x2) And do […]

Photek – Love & War

I do my best to smile when he’s not around When will they come back home, will they be the same? These are the things that I think about I never called on you before There’s one thing I got to know: Sometimes took this life for granted, Never called you by your name, Always […]

Photek – UFO

— there’s no doubt about it, there’s some type of strange flashing red light ahead — no, it’s yellow — I saw a yellow tinge in it too…. weird! — it appears to be moving a little bit this way, it’s brighter than it has been — we’re picking up heat reflection off the trees… […]

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