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Makoto and DJ Zinc – Thinking Back (feat. Stamina MC)

Lost in the haze of the memories I try to remember how it used to be I’ve seen a side of you the world never sees And they don’t know what you do to me Thinking back – losing track Of space and time, leaving the world so far behind Thinking back – all it […]

Makoto feat. MC Conrad – Golden Girl (Vocal Mix)

Theres something about you, I wanted to tell you but I don’t know how to you caused me to react now am I suppposed to? Act when your around girl….if you want to, We could choose to when we do, what we do. I’ve got self esteem in to get close to got me insecure […]

Makoto feat. Cleveland Watkiss – Time

Help me to see beyond my needs My joy your pain, good sun bad rain No feet to dance, then dance on hands Black as the night, white as the light Help me to see beyond my needs (Taking my time, now you leave me standing in the pouring rain. Taking my time, my time, […]

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