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Lynx & Kemo – Deez Breaks (feat. Henree)

Everybody talkin’ bout us, these days, But what you really know about deez breakz? And everybody MCs or DJs, But what you really know about deez breakz? Let’s take it back to the Old School, To the raves in the fields, Where Hardcore went Jungle. Moving shadows were on cloud nine, With renegade snares… (and […]

Chozen – Worst Fears (Lynx Remix)

She told me her worst fears And reasons The things that makes her feel weak When she’s down But I don’t think you know She tells me her struggles And addictions The feeling when her won’t comes crushing down But I don’t think you know She’s losing her mind Just need a time She’s losing […]

Lynx feat. Kemo – Global Enemies

Turn off your TV, read between the lines… 23, sucka, can’t you see the signs? It’s the apocalypse. The time is now. Ain’t no stoppin’ this! Kabuum! I’m disconnected from the naval, flatlined, resurrected and stable. Now! It’s time to turn the table, taps on phone jacks, propaganda on cable. Reality check in high def, […]

Lynx & Kemo – Carnivale

The future’s a mirage This life’s a carnivale When the Animals run Hide in Camouflage What lies in Taro cards? Chased by Cloaked men We live in Babylon, huh? We’ve lost our Temperance All photos: Sepia All food tastes Umami (savory) We drown in Firegold, yo (clockworkorange: booze) Our children Bezoomy (clockworkorange: crazy) To the […]

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