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Logistics – Lost In U (Feat. McLean)

Time’s getting nearer Said I wouldn’t have to wait Sun sets and rises again and I’m here Alone again And it’s cruel what you’re doing Keeping my heart on a string I play it cool but who am I fooling Keeping my heart on a string Can I tell myself this is the time I […]

Etherwood – Revive (feat. Logistics & Eva Lazarus)

Can we revive it? We restart Don’t tear it apart Long live this, long live my heart How did we lose the only flame lighting up our days? When everytime we’d find the good We’d find a way So how do we start When we end laying down Why do we need to fight for […]

Logistics – Through The Looking Glass

Are you alright? -I’m sorry, I’m not very clear I’m not surprised You had a rather powerful dragon inside you, reducing the pain was needed Two small tablets, did you give them to me? -Yes [?x] I remember that I think it’s beginning to come back Are you alright? Are you alright? -I’m sorry, I’m […]

Logistics – Machine

If you don’t hurt me Then I won’t hurt you I’m a machine, I got feelings too Since we said good bye The soul(?) seems blue Something’s missing What am I supposed to do?

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