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Kove – Hurts (feat. Moko)

I don’t know where you found enough room You never try to find the time I don’t know where we went so wrong but I think it’s best we read the signs I don’t know how it’s come to this We’re somewhere between heartache and bliss Do you remember? The words that we said We […]

Kove – Way We Are (174 Mix)

Uuuu, there’s something in your eyes that makes me wanna love you There’s something bout your vibe And when the lights go down, I see you moving closer So I can feel the heat whenever you’re around But the memories still won’t fade Of the times we tried Oooh, something in the way we are […]

Kove – Searching

I hold my hand up to the light I don’t wanna be blind I wanna see it all The glorious sights Of the one I can’t find The one I can’t find Find,Find… SEARCHING MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!

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