‘Kosheen’ Lyrics

Kosheen – Suicide

Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Suicide Slip ‘n’ slide Your eyes are wide Tongue-tied You slip […]

Kosheen – Resist

How could we resist it, life like this? Dramatized and twisted with every kiss And in the far-off distance our fading memory The simple co-existence of you and me Just looking at you You’re out of control You’re always talking That look on your face You’re out of your mind You’re always talking You lie […]

Kosheen – Repeat To Fade

Recently I’ve been feeling kinda restless Suddenly im rememb’rin’ Theres no use in pretendin’ Im not receiving Cuz you aint sending What I need Or you just don’t have it What is this some kinda force of habit (chorus) *Stop we start again As it goes on Repeat to fade Come with me and u […]

Kosheen – Pride

What you gonna do When it’s time to recognise Do you wanna get serious When you’re walking by my side And the way is perilous And you think you’re better now You think you’re over it I can see from the look on your face You’re a long way off Pride it always comes Before […]

Kosheen – Let go

I won’t forget you I won’t I won’t forget your smile Or how you taken me Oh how you taken me I won’t forget I let you walk with me Ahh take me home Because the night Is so dark When your alone I let you down I let you down I let you go […]

Kosheen – I Was Wrong

It’s not easy, for someone like me, to always see both sides. But in this situation I’d agree, yeah all right. I was wrong, I was wrong. I’m sorry it took so long, to come clean if you know what i mean, or now it’s all wrong. So can we talk it over, before you […]

Kosheen – I Want It All

Tide keeps rolling in I stand watching it Keep on giving it to us Silence over me Keep on holding me Every night I know where you sleep And it’s hurting me It’s hurting me (CHORUS:) When I want it all For myself I want it all I want him for myself I want it […]

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