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Keeno – I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison)

Two souls skim together You’re the [?] I wanna [?] So much space inbetween the winds have?changed?us Now all I?see is pain in your eyes You?set the sail to new courses (I wonder) if the night had been another way Would I be the person here today? I guess I’m really glad you didn’t stay […]

Champion – Love Letter (ft. Nassana) (Keeno Remix)

I’m addicted to the thought of you And I can’t imagine being all alone Dreaming of you every single night Knock the fire deep inside So deep in love And I can’t get enough Boy you spin my world around Said I’m losing solid ground Getting loved So deep in love And I can’t get […]

Casey Abrams – Get Out (Keeno Remix)

Girl, you hit me harder than a freight train Right in the middle of my membrane Driving backwards in the fast lane Headlights off after midnight Saw you shining in the starlight Girl, you got me like a bug bite And now you’re under my skin And I know, you know I don’t know which […]

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