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Insideinfo – Metamorphosis (Feat. Miss Trouble)

Work that, ground warm Disarm, clip off This amount of head gonna get you wet We talking bangers, you took it to bed Seek ’em underwear covers moonlight Yeah we’re over here taking the spotlight That’s how my life gonna get satisfy, we testified Metamorphosis, butterfly Metamorphosis Genesis, new wave Silver surfer, Friday to Sunday […]

InsideInfo – Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble)

Clandestine, Sistine chapel on your sixteenth Day on earth, mysteries, raise the call to unearth Deities, crown court, the mechanism treadmill On the systematic, draining your lymphatic Energies, creation from the navel to the cranium Calcified, praying for roots and stop the shooting The looting is part of our commuting Daylight robbery cause to ignite […]

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