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Hybrid Minds – Halcyon (ft. Grimm)

Don’t even see me (Don’t even see me) Understand why you don’t believe me (Why don’t you just beleive me?) This thing is gone on way too long (way too long) But it’s not on me now – Just gotta hold on It’s like you don’t even see me (Don’t even see me) Understand why […]

Hybrid Minds – Fade (feat. Katie’s Ambition)

There was never any doubt That you had something to smile about But for some reason you had to fall As if you tried to forget it all So now you’re fading in lies And getting lost in the night And try to play in the stars While you forget who you are Till it […]

Hybrid Minds feat. Anile – Hitch Hiker

Lost the way [x?] I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone I should like to help everyone if possible Jew, gentile, black men, white We all want to help one another Human beings are like that We want to live by each others’ happiness, not by each other’s misery We don’t want to hate […]

Hybrid Minds – Lost

I’ve been lost We need to be found I payed the cost Where to go now I’m so lost So lost I’m so lost I’m so lost Just a matter of time Gotta overcome Those walls that I got climb I’m so lost Undefined I’m so lost

Hybrid Minds – I’m Through

I’m so through This house is no longer home, no No When I look back All the way We used to be Must’ve been crazy ‘Cause now I’m through Through with loving you Oh, I’m through Through with loving you Yeah, yeah [2x] Now, I’m through Through with loving you Oh, now I’m through Through […]

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