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Etherwood – Revive (feat. Logistics & Eva Lazarus)

Can we revive it? We restart Don’t tear it apart Long live this, long live my heart How did we lose the only flame lighting up our days? When everytime we’d find the good We’d find a way So how do we start When we end laying down Why do we need to fight for […]

Etherwood – Caption

There’s no breath, There’s no breath without a lung And there’s no song, There’s no song stays unsung And there’s no thought, There’s no thought without a mind There’s nothing hidden, There’s nothing hidden we cant find But I am left without an option You can walk away I must shot without a caption It […]

Etherwood – Hold Your Breath

It doesn’t make a difference. You made up your mind and now its true. I wanna make it happen and I’d love to talk it through. But I can see you mean it. Holding your breath. Watching me. So I’ not gonna kid you. This is your choice and now you’re free.

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