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Dieselboy & Kaos – Barrier Break

Barrier Break [Yeah][Wha?] Barrier Break [Yeah][Uh?] Barrier Break [Wha?][Wha?] Barrier Break [Yeah][Wha?] (echo) Yeah Barrier Break a lost soul a loaded weapon These empty shells they rain hell the dark beckons My minds vision is a time bomb tickin’ It’s my life long mission, when the mic’s on rip it! I’m only human and under […]

Dieselboy – We Want Your Soul (Raiden Remix)

We want your soul We want.. Your cellphone your wallet your time your ideas No barcode no party no iodine no beers Your bankcard, your license, your thoughts, your fears No simcard, no disco, no photo, not here your blood, your sweat, your passions, your regrets your office, your timeoff, your fashions Your sex, your […]

Dieselboy – Warning Label

Hello user This is a heavy dose of hard hitting Maximum strength Substance D Substance D is an extended release Audio pharmaceutical product that acts quickly That stimulates both central and peripheral nervous systems You may begin to feel anxious or excited As you proceed the effects of the Substance D This is a normal […]

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