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Congo Natty featuring Tenor Fly – Alaska Ride

Yeah some boy a sleep and snore, this is hardcore, yeah place a go bore junglist massive yeah yeah you know say hardcore tings all the while ye ye yeah cool profile yeah a bwoy tink we laugh and smile? Yeah wha we look and say now rudeboy? But its not a michael jackson bumbaclart […]

Congo Natty feat. Bounty Hunter – Haile Sellasie I

BH = Bounty Hunter DOC = Documentary reporter X1 = Unknown person 1 (Ras Marcus?) X2 = Unknown person 2 X1: And before we go further, the word Haile Selassie is an Amharic word, which means Power, of the Holy Trinity DOC: In Ethiopian life, the Imperial ruler is likened in (splendours) of the Sun.. […]

Congo Natty – Stevie Hyper D Tribute

I’m gonna get you outta your seat, listen to the words that i speak. This one nice and this one sweet, I’m gonna make you move your feet. This one’s.. gonna make you freak, when it comes to lyrics, me have a whole heap. Do not have a evil streak, that’s one thing the devil […]

Congo Natty – Herbsman 2

unknown person 1 You have some likkle soundbwoy [true] inna dem yard Dem feel say can play, any a anything fi de people, dem True, a yaso dem live live, and a yaso dem born and yaso dem grow (yaso = here ya so ?) Dat nah work tonight! All ganja man inna de house […]

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