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Chase & Status feat. Delilah – Time

If you can find the time To give your love to me I will wait for you If that’s all you need (Time, Time) If you can find the time (Time, Time) If ever you’re free Just drop me a line And tell me where you’ll be I’ll be right here If you can find […]

Chase & Status feat. Jacob Banks – Alive

As the rain, keeps pouring down on me And the sky is the only thing I see And my troubles are gone with the wind It’s just me, and the ground beneath my feet. I feel so alive. (mmm) Oh I feel so alive. Oh I feel so alive. (Oooooh) Oh I feel so alive. […]

Chase & Status feat. Jenna G – In Love

Try to explain I know its complicated But I still have this feeling More serious than butterflies My inside’s so sore Finding it hard to let go Cause I’m still – I’m still in love I’m in Love Here we are again I know I shouldn’t give in But I crave the feeling Of you […]

Plan B – No Good (Chase & Status Remix)

You’re no good for me, I don’t need nobody. Don’t need no one, that’s no good for me. (2x) I’ll stab you in the eye, yo, With a fucking biro The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, You fucking wino Don’t fucking cross my line, yo, I’ll hit you so hard […]

Chase & Status ft. Plan B – End Credits

When the blood dries in my veins And my, heart feels no more pain I know, I’ll be on my way To heaven’s door I know when I knock I’ll be hoping I don’t drop To a place where I will rise, like before (2x) I can feel, something happening That I’ve never felt before […]

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