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Calyx & Teebee – Long Gone

Paper planes flying out of sight Kaleidoscope in black and white Paralyzed by what you do Indecision catch 22 Another life, another time Another superficial state of mind I lose myself and lose control I’m falling down the rabbit hole And I’m long gone And I’m long gone (Paper planes) (Out of sight) (Another time) […]

Calyx & TeeBee Feat. Kemo – Pure Gold

Flat bush, kick push, boogie board Punch drunk, punch kick, super hard Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, broken nose Pop’s home, pop’s gone, broken home Live Aid, A-Team, fly like Mike Recess, schoolbooks, dynamite Backpack, Headphones, B.D.P. Ice Cube, Fresh Prince, MTV It was mix tapes, spray cans, subway trains It was black books, markers and […]

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound

It had to be now or never, cause I was going round in circles, lost forever, I couldn’t overcome the hurdles, all or nothing, it was never somewhere in-between, fear of something, it seemed to have a hold on me Then I changed, and I could take my mind wherever, thoughts rearrange, and blend the […]

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