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DRS – This Ain’t Love (feat. Calibre)

And we know that this ain’t love We’ve got our backs to the wall And we know that enough’s enough Before the last of us fall City streets overflowed with hate Can we please communicate? See the pain accumulate Is it already too late? See the demons at my gate But I won’t participate No […]

Calibre – Broken

You ask for so much, and give so little I feel like I’m caught, just one in the middle You’re still afraid, of what I can see here My need for another, turns into amnesia A ghost walking past, a caution to settle A reason to see, without seeing a medal That ring on you […]

Calibre – Even If

Even if we love Doesn’t mean that you have to be Always there when you have to see My own fear of me Even if we care Its hard to mean some things After watching you Go through The news

Calibre – It’s Over

We Both Know What We Had Is Gone That Its Over Oh O-oh We Both Know What We Had Is Gone Playing On My Mind This Time We Both Know That Its Over There You Go Again

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