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Breakbeat Era – Ultra-Obscene

I see you can you see I Paper thin made of neon Weekend come I gotta see you Take your time and consider Don’t be down I’ll make you better Got the back to the letter meet me down by the river Lay me down and pull the trigger Ultra obscene – ah – You […]

Breakbeat Era – Rancid

To the left, to the right Pressure gridlock eye on the prize On my knees finally The irony is you saying please If you sleep too long the fires go out You dare to dream and we have no doubt One ahead one behind It’s physical no cold fish apply Junk in your words don’t […]

Breakbeat Era – Bullitproof

Electrify me you my half baked youth I memorise your face so I won’t forget you Dancing demons in the firelight yes its true Remind me of the night I first met you Criticise me for my mis-spent youth No thrill no lie more crazy than the truth You give me precious things I throw […]

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