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Blu Mar Ten – Thin Air (feat. Robert Manos & Yosebu)

She came with everything she had Looks had style And then she left this all behind Into thin air I know she left the second day She had enough She gave me five and held me close Whisper my name Where to my love Where to love Thinking about you, About you Misses say am […]

Blu Mar Ten – In Your Eyes

In your eyes In your heart In your eyes In your heart In your eyes In your heart In your eyes I’ll stay In your heart I want courage Why would you Be so cold? ??? ??? I don’t know why Don’t know I can face Just say you know In your eyes In your […]

Blu Mar Ten ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Whisper

I think I should go now I must leave before my red eyes match the sunrise No more coffee will put off today I’ve stood too long In the shadow of a doubt I need some sun It seems that time returns to me once more When the brightest star Smiled as it squared shoulders […]

Blu Mar Ten – All Over Again (Kubiks Remix)

Now baby I, need to have your lovin’. Now baby I, need to be in your ?????. ‘Cuz when you go baby, I don’t know what I’m doin’. Whenever you go, you take the best of me. Now baby I, I know I’ll all right in the end, But we ain’t there yet. It doesn’t […]

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