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Blame – Whispers Into Screams (Feat. Tom Sears)

I never meant to let you down It wasn’t meant to be this way We were gonna take a chance But now there’s nothing left to say If I could turn back time I change reality to dreams If I could change the past I turn my whispers into screams [x2] (I turn my whi-) […]

Blame – Visions Of Mars (feat. MC Conrad)

If the vision in your mind’s distorted Picture gets hazy, that must mean you’re lazy Music’s driving you mad, driving you crazy Concentration’s imperative to the matter We spread the data Bigger and better, badder and madder Exhibit a skill, structure a strategy Excite and enlight with the most dexterity But it’s gotta be me […]

Blame – 360 Clic (feat. MC Conrad)

360 clic makes you flip Side to side a whole new tip Walls of your mind it’s time they came down Open your soul to this new sound 360 clic makes you flip Ride the vibe of beats that kick Well equipped to drift your thoughts A new lesson we’re stressing Progression report 360 clic […]

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