‘BCee’ Lyrics

BCee (Feat. Saint Louis) – Sun Goes Down

It’s a new day i’m rising, and your purfume is all I taste Every moment beside me, I have nothing left to say I gotta get over you, I gotta get past this sound we make I gotta belong here now, if there’s nothing left to say I wanna be here till the sun goes […]

BCee and S.P.Y – Is Anybody Out There

It’s like Ahh It’s like Sometimes I feel like he don’t hear me Sometimes I wonder Sometimes I feel like he don’t hear me It’s like Sometimes I wonder I get to… I get undersea in light It’s like I get to… I get undersea in light It’s like Sometimes I feel like he don’t […]

BCee – Back To The Street (Feat. Philippa Hanna)

I walk these streets and wash away my tracks Feel I could fall, right through these paving cracks oh The waters rise but I won’t drown, just hold my head above the water For all your sons your sons and daughters I guess it’s time for me to face the facts Though I could fall […]

BCee – I Believe (feat. Villem & Frank H Carter III)

I believe you were cheap You must burn like a fire When you want to succeed You succumb to desire Some folks would rather just complain And instead of fighting what’s to blame We must burn I believe what we need is a dream for tomorrow Use the hurt from the past as a way […]

Bcee – Lost & Found (feat. Rocky Nti)

Down and out, but not forgotten The stars collide to mark this night Lost and found, you never gave in No matter what you always looked up I hope you can see me from there ’cause I can see you You touched me Dragged your fingertips through my veins You saved me When there was […]

BCee – Summery (feat. Philippa Hanna)

I’m living a lie Trying to please the way that lives on dollar signs I’ve been trying to find Something to feed the hunger burning in my mind Now all I want to do is start again I’d do anything to do this over Everybody needs a second chance to change their story And I […]

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