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4 Hero – Star Chasers

Ooooooohoooo hoo Oooow-oooo-ooo Ever find yourself sometimes doin’ the same thing walkin’ the same old life lookin’ back on yesterday and dreamin’ the same dream wishin’ away the time and then you answer your feelings and look deep inside you know there’s got to be meanin’ or are we here for the ride? Caught up, […]

4 Hero – Escape That

I feel it’s time that we depart for futures that means there’s no start of hopes and a sense that we may feel coz peace has lost it’s mass appeal concern has forced a change of mind now all that’s certain is the passing of time with patience gone now greed prevails obliviant and we […]

4 Hero – Cosmic Tree

Hangin’ from the cosmic tree a universal planted seed a higher understanding that can touch a new born heart Take a look at history as far as human eyes can see man will always tear his world apart Stop! …look around. can’t you see? the galaxy of life will shed you from his tree Stop! […]

4 Hero – 9 by 9

When you walk through the fire, Then you will know, That life is the passion burning inside your soul. If you seek the distance, Then you will see, That your devine is your reality. Children go where I send the, How shall I send the? I’m gonna send the one by one, I’m gonna send […]

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