Dub Phizix – Break The Chains (feat. DRS)

To change the world I must start with me Can’t have peace without inner harmony If you close your eyes, it’s so hard to see Right or wrong or what it’s meant to be Remember that there’s no I and we Fix malfunctions in our society. Build foundations before you find a key And break […]

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat Tiki – Skin Crawler

I wanna love, you wanna hate Volatile, manipulate I’m in your blood You’re in my vein It’s so fucked up So deranged You have lied, You have cheated Said sorry And then repeated Another fight It’s all a game You and I We’re not the same You have been crawling under my skin And I […]

Alix Perez – The End Of Us (feat. Sabre & Sam Wills)

I don’t know Through this song I see The pictures fly across me To mirror softly Showing how it could be So many memories passing my way When I think of times gone by now Can I help withhold this feeling I can work out I don’t know Through this song I see The pictures […]

Technimatic – Parallel (Ft. Zara Kershaw)

I’ve been wondering About words we left untold How things could have been To be watching them unfold Have you ever had the thought If I met you now instead of then We could watch it all play out From the very moment we shook hands Things are moving parallel With a different version of […]

Technimatic – Out of Reach (Ft. Lucy Kitchen)

We are all searching And I thought that I found you And sometimes we’re all hurting Just trying to see it through Sometimes you leave me aching Aching and confused And we are all hoping for love For love Don’t turn away from me I’m reaching out, I’m reaching out Just give yourself to me […]

Insideinfo – Metamorphosis (Feat. Miss Trouble)

Work that, ground warm Disarm, clip off This amount of head gonna get you wet We talking bangers, you took it to bed Seek ’em underwear covers moonlight Yeah we’re over here taking the spotlight That’s how my life gonna get satisfy, we testified Metamorphosis, butterfly Metamorphosis Genesis, new wave Silver surfer, Friday to Sunday […]

Shapeshifter – Her

I want to wake up without the need to fight Lend me your hand, your voice, if only we had a choice If only we took a stand Live without the borders It’s only around the bend Lumination taught us It’s all in our sights again When I’m with you I’m flying high My head’s […]

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