Technimatic – Hold On A While (feat. Jono McCleery)

I might not need the same Although the right it seems I can hold on a while Hold on a while You might not need a second version A way to fall down to earth There might not be enough devotion A place to feel free to roam I might not need the same Although […]

Dimension – Generator

These days, they get older And the darkness turns to blue Yeah, I will be the one you keep When I come back to you So generate the real In everything you do Yeah, I will be the one you keep When I come back to you (Welcome to the next level) Just take me, […]

Fre4knc – This Misery (feat. Mongoose)

I’m walking through a misery this mystery is killing me. The feeling I’m recieving, looks to be decieving. Believers see that thing we call a deathtrap, so step back. The system is infected with a plan that; Eliminates the way that you are used to kick your feet back. So many ways to see that […]

Lenzman – In My Mind (feat. IAMDDB)

In my mind you try to hide, away I cannot I cannot get away Skipping through my memory [x2] Skipping I’m just riding Making mulla money sterling nightly, we We vibing We got some more time left Grabbing all the chances that I get Never looking back no time left Keep it moving or get […]

Wilkinson ft. Karen Harding – Sweet Lies

Softly. Here upon my pillow When the words are spoken And you’re here with me alone Your kiss. Ignorance is my bliss When promises are empty When they’re all I have to hold (sweet lies) So tell me your sweet lies. I’m not giving up your love. As long as there’s sweet lies. I wanna […]

DRS – This Ain’t Love (feat. Calibre)

And we know that this ain’t love We’ve got our backs to the wall And we know that enough’s enough Before the last of us fall City streets overflowed with hate Can we please communicate? See the pain accumulate Is it already too late? See the demons at my gate But I won’t participate No […]

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