Riya – Hurt Heals (feat Alibi)

If it hurts it heals Time to let go other one me to remember What I made it mean Still I’m greatful ’cause it’s made me stronger And I’m not scared to say goodbye To the phase I’ve said we’d feel alone See every soul we must damned And I see that solid world Ohh… […]

Break feat. Celestine – Last Goodbye

I was waiting for something I didn’t figure it out Till I couldn’t remember What this was all about Now this ain’t easy To recognize defeat We pass by day and night Our hearts don’t meet I’m tired of the lonely path I’m walking but leadin’ to no reason Searching for your heart but I […]

Bop, Subwave & Degs – The Shade

Modern day but feeling different In recent years there’s a familiar scent Back in school man I was used to it, yeah Nothing defined me but the shade of my skin Not the content of my soul Ostracised and put aside I never had control 10 years on the clock but questioning what I’d been […]

Octane & DLR feat. Marion – Let Me Go

Our relationship is like a yoyo Hearts getting tossed to and fro I get pushed from pillow to post Where we go next I don’t know Hand me a cigarette before you go Don’t forget to close the door In fact this time I think I’ll keep it closed Ain’t gotta tell you I’ve had […]

Netsky feat. Becky Hill – Hold On

Oh, when (Oh when, oh when, oh when) Oh, when (Oh when, oh when, oh when) When the world stops moving And the days blur into one I know you feel like you’re losing But the best is yet to come We’ve been missing a connection through the distance It feels like everything we have […]

Bru-C – Inhaler

Yo yo yo yo Bru-C Some advice fi dem Hahahaha And it’s, and it’s First of all if you don’t?like?me suck your?mudda Don’t try spud man when you?see man Keep it real you ain’t my brudda Every time I drop a lyric I see half these MC’s shudder Got the ravers jumping, tell security to […]

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