Aeph - Black Hoax (Ft. Maksim) Lyrics

Like a vortex, we swallow kicks and the snares so hold tight to the stairs cause the floor is next

[Missing fragment]

Don’t forget you’re not really here
You’re just a figure of imagination, one hallucination short of losing it the way you act is proving it’s impossible to deal with once your soul leaves, your body gets the bruising
It’s a fact of life, we all decompose once our brain cells lose the will to continue the pain, bro
Truth is, we’re all the same exact thoughts, tryin’a put away hallucinations of the Black Hoax


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Aeph – Black Hoax (Ft. Maksim)
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Artists: ,
Genre: Neurofunk
First time released:
Label: Lifted Music
Date: 2013-07-01
Catalog: LFTD016D
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